Vinyasa yoga flow/ slow flow yoga postures naturally follow each other along with the rhythm of your breath. This fluent flow deepens your breathing, increases your endurance and helps you to find the limits of your balance, strength and flexibility. Yoga Flow is for anyone who wants to work on their body and mind.


* Private Yoga Flow/ Slow Flow Class €50 incl 21% BTW, 1hr.

* Private Yoga Flow/ Slow Flow - 5 Class Deal €270 incl 21% BTW, 1hr per class. 

* Private Yoga Flow/ Slow Flow - 10 Class Deal €540 incl 21% BTW, 1hr per class.

* Maximum 2 person, an extra €10 per person will be charged after second participant. 

* Please leave us a message to let us know if we have to prepare mat for you.

* You can wear any comfy sport wear or yoga outfits, prepare your own towel and water.

* This class only available in Amsterdam, Netherlands.