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Private Yoga Class: Service

I'm offering Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Yoga Slow Flow.


Vinyasa Yoga Flow naturally follow with the rhythm of your breath. Energizing and creative flow sequences with different modifications for ALL LEVELS. You have the freedom to explore challenging poses and/or work on building your foundation. This fluent flow deepens your breathing, increases your endurance and helps you to find the limits of your balance, strength and flexibility. Class begins with pranayama (breathing exercise). You will be guided in understanding the pattern of your breath and allowing it to lead you through the practice flowing from one pose to the next. Class ends with a set of relaxing stretches and meditation. This fully balanced flow allows you to connect deeper with your mind and body.

Yoga Slow Flow is a slow paced practice allowing you to build up the self awareness needed for stillness and inner growth. This is a mindful stable practice where you are able to progress into deeper expressions of the asanas/postures. Take this class to "seal" your day or "start fresh" your day with a gentle flow focusing on pranayama and meditation. Expect more explanation and details on technique.

Private class in location

* Private Vinyasa Yoga Flow/ Yoga Slow Flow Class €50 incl 21% BTW, 1hr.

* Maximum 2 person, an extra €10 per person will be charged after second participant. 

* Please leave me a message to let me know if I have to prepare mat for you.

* You can wear any comfy sport wear or yoga outfits, prepare your own towel and water.

* This class only available in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Private class online

* Private Online Yoga class is €25 incl 21% BTW, 1hr.

* Special offer 220€ for 10 classes package.

* Only ONE participant is allowed in private online class. 

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