The session was very good, i felt like had a nice workout sweating a lot but also chill yoga feeling to end with. Suzanne sounds very resting and her instructions are clear. She helped correct the posses for each yogi. Looking forward to next time!

Antigoni, Vinyasa Yoga.

Aerial flex yoga is a LOT of fun and Suzanne helps you to literally elevate yourself. Highly recommended. I felt great afterwards. 

Annemeijn, Aerial Flex. 

The teacher really took her time to help me get the moves right. I really enjoyed this introduction, it as also really well structured and t he teacher definitely knows what she is teaching.

Flora, Intro To Pole

Suzanne is an amazing teacher, always laugh during her class and she really makes it look easy. She's super hands on and will help you with different poses. 

Mandy, Intro To Pole

At Tula I feel at home. Suzanne, the teacher who was subbing, was amazing! Perfectly balance flow, very clear instructions and calming voice. 

Ana, Vinyasa Flow

Great teacher, her guided us all the way through and corrected our positions when needed. Very relaxing class and i also liked the space a lot too.

Cecile, Yoga Flow.

Don't usually review but had a really good experience at studio Rasalila: Suzanne Loh is an amazing teacher and person. Patient and professional, takes time to explain technique in detail for each individual. Right balance between strict and fun. If you get the chance definatly try her classes.

Sanne, Aerial Hammock Play.

Lovely teacher with very useful advice on postures.

Floor, Yoga Flow.

For this class we worked out front splits and the warming up was really completed, slow pace and holding flexibility poses. I love how Suzanne addresses the class with her great sense of humor and attending each level. Recommened if you really wanna get your body ready for a good strecht!

Christa, Flex & Stretch.

Great class with challenging poses! The teacher takes the time to explain difficult passages and guide you.

Lucia, Yoga Flow (Advance).

Leuke uitdagende les! leer iedere keer weer meer, en erg uitdagend. Veel persoonlijke aandacht en hulp bij de technieken waardoor je goed mee kan doen, top voor beginners.

Su, Intro To Pole.

Suzanne is an AMAZING teacher :) So jealous of how gracious she is and definitely inspiring.

Anonymous, Pole Fitness.

Suzanne is a lovely, fun teacher, lovely pace of class and good guidance. playful class

Anonymous, Yoga Flow (Advance).