• If a private class is cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment, the costs for the session will be charged to the participant. Up to 24 hours before the class the appointment can be changed free of charge. 
• In case of cancellation of the 5 or 10 classes Office Yoga package, within two weeks prior to the service, 50% of the costs of the contract will be charged to the client. In the event of cancellation of the 5 or 10 classes Office Yoga package up to two weeks in advance, the service may be cancelled free of charge.
• In case of cancellation of one of the services by Suzanne Loh, the costs of the contract will be refunded.

• The rates can be found on the website: https://www.suzanneloh.com . 

 • Suzanne Loh reserves the right to periodically change prices. Any changes are announced in advance by listing on the website, and / or by e-mail. The current applicable prices are always stated on the website.

• All classes require booking deposit in order to schedule the first class. The full payment of single private class shall be paid upon the class starts.

• The full payment of 5 or 10 Private Class deal shall be paid upon the first class,  the 5 class deal is valid for three months and the 10 class deal is valid for six months upon the booking fees has been paid.  In case the client did not consume the full quota of the 5 or 10 class deal within the valid dates, the payment is nonrefundable.  
• The 5 or 10 class Office Yoga package is paid by invoices, with payment of 50% of the total amount before the start of the program and within 30 days  after the program.
• In the absence of, or late payment, Suzanne Loh has the right to recover the recovery costs and collection costs from the client. Suzanne Loh is entitled to suspend her contractual obligations and dissolve the agreement. .
• Funds can be transferred to account  NL12 INGB 0008 0440 14, in the name of Suzanne Loh, by mention the invoice number. If no invoice number is available, the name of the class can be specified in the description. 

• Payment options are Bank transfer, Paypal or cash.
• Suzanne Loh is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 67643493.

• Suzanne Loh always provide high quality lesson. Nevertheless, there is a risk of injury during a class. Participating in all class provided by Suzanne Loh is always at the client's own risk. 
• Medical details and physical and / or psychological complaints must be reported to Suzanne Loh prior to a class. Negligence in this falls under the responsibility of the participant.
• Suzanne Loh does not accept any liability for damage of material or immaterial nature to participants, gained during or after the class. Suzanne Loh offers the following guidelines to reduce the risk of an injury:

  • Consult a doctor before starting the chosen activity if you are not sure if it is safe, if you are completely healthy, or if you are pregnant.

  • If you have an injury, or other physical discomfort, always report this to the teacher before the start of the class.

  • Listen carefully to the instructions of the teacher in question and follow them up. Ask the teacher if you do not understand an exercise.

  • Do not engage in exercises that are painful to you.

  • Listen carefully to the signals from your body and act carefully on this. Carry out the yoga exercises carefully and listen to your physical limitations. 

• Suzanne Loh is not liable for the loss or theft of personal belongings. Any further liability in respect of shortcomings or defects is excluded (eg business-consequential loss such as financial or commercial losses).

• In case yoga mats, yoga wheel and yoga blocks are provided by Suzanne Loh during the class. Participants are expected to deal with these items with care and appreciation. 
• The (physical) integrity of the participant must be respected at all times. 
• Suzanne Loh reserves the right for participants who, in her opinion, do not comply with the house rules, as mentioned above, to deny access to the activities of Suzanne Loh and to dissolve the contract without refund.

• Suzanne Loh collects personal data from the participants for keeping track of its membership, for carrying out payment orders and for administration and information purposes. Suzanne Loh is careful with this collection of personal data and thereby observes the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. Suzanne Loh never passes on the personal details of the participants to third parties without prior written consent.

• Dutch law is exclusively applicable to the General Terms and Conditions. 
• Any disputes related to the General Conditions, the lessons and services from Suzanne Loh will initially be settled by a recognised mediator in Amsterdam. If it fails to reach a satisfactory solution for both parties with a recognised mediator, the dispute will be settled with the competent court in Amsterdam.