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Private pole Dance: Service

Expose your confidence and self- belief from the heart. Pole dancing is not just about strength, but more about feeling your own sensation, dance like your own superstar. To communication with own body, impress by own ability. In this class, you will learn different pole tricks and combination on the static pole. 

Private class in location

* Pole Dance with static or spinning pole class.

* €65 per class incl 21% BTW, 1hr. Maximum 2 person, an extra €10 per person will be charged after second participant.
* Pole dance require our skin for grip on the pole, please wear sleeveless top and short pants, and do not wear any accessories. 

* To perform better grip with your skin, please do not apply body & hand lotion/ oil before the class. 

* Class available only in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Private class online

* Private Online Pole class is €25 incl 21% BTW, 1hr.

* Special offer 220€ for 10 classes package.

* Only ONE participant is allowed in private online class. 

* Participant needs to have a pole by yourself. 

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