OFFICE YOGA is an effective, economical, and accessible way to boost wellness and productivity in your company. Is a proven way to help employees decrease stress and improve focus and concentration during the workday. ​

By combining the breathing exercise and posture practice, offer the employees to solve sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders from sitting at a desk for 8+ hours.  

A weekly Office Yoga class making the work place more enjoyable and improve the team energy. 

Classes can occur in your office conference room, courtyard, or any open space where employees can set yoga mats down and focus on their well-being.

* 1 Office Yoga class - €120 excl 21% BTW, 1hr.

* 5 Office Yoga classes - €570 excl 21% BTW, 1hr per class.

* 10 Office Yoga classes - €1000 excl 21% BTW, 1hr per class. 

* Class design for all levels, you don't have to be flexible or super strength.