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Aerial Hammock: Service

 A class dedicated to stretching and lengthening muscles through a combination of yoga movements. Stretch is relaxing way to elongate your physique while keeping the muscles and joints healthy and mobile. If you want to increase flexibility and improve range of motion, this stretching class is the way to do it! We focus on improving flexibility in the whole body from head to toe. This class help students stretch and condition their muscles while protecting the surrounding ligaments and tendons. Individual variations of stretches can be made to accommodate all types of bodies and flexibility levels.

Private class in location

* €50 per class incl 21% BTW, 1hr. Maximum 2 person, an extra €10 per person will be charged after second participant.

* Bring your own towel and drink.

* Class available only in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Private class online

* Private Online Stretch class is €25 incl 21% BTW, 1hr.

* Special offer 220€ for 10 classes package.

* Only ONE participant is allowed in private online class. 

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