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Let me share with you! 

Office Yoga is perfect for the company that is seeking for health & wellness programs for their employees. The program includes Yoga Class, Breathing Exercises, Meditation...etc. It create fun and integrate atmosphere in your working environment. 




10mins! Do Something is a special edition that I've created for everyone, it is FREE on my youtube channel. It just sounds like the title, catch your 10 minutes, whether you are having a tea break or being seated for long hours in front of desktop.... just Do Something. You're welcome to drop me an message if you wish to have an episode to special coverage for your needs. I'd be happy to fulfill your interest!


You are also welcome to join me in regular classes at different venue by checking my weekly schedule .


If all above doesn't  satisfied you, and you opt for 1-on-1 class to have my full attention. Please do not hesitate to reach me by fill in the contact form, I provide face-to-face private class and virtual private class via zoom or microsoft team. 

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