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Walking Class: Service

Think of this class as etiquette for perfect presentation in your daily life. This class is designed to groom you from head to toe inside and out. We aim to improve the way you walk with high heels & flat shoes, your presentation skills, right posture and personality. we craft the superstar that is you, helping you find a new level of work and style that is all your own.

* Private Walking Class €45 incl BTW 21%, 1 hour.

* Private Walking Class - 5 class deal €220 incl BTW 21%, 1hr. 

* Maximum 2 person, an extra €10 per person will be charged after second participant. 

* Please prepare a pair of high heels/ formal shoe, and flat casual shoe.

* Please wear body fit outfit such as tank top & skinny jeans. Optional to bring dress or formal wear.

* Class available only in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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